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Hive 53 - HCMF - Page 10 by Draco-Stellaris
Hive 53 - HCMF - Page 10
Chapter 4: How Castox met Fillyz | Page 10

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Read the next page on my website! See link below. The reason why this update has taken quite so long is an easy one. Following the example of other dA webcomics I wanted to finish two pages so the latest will be displayed on my website. Meaning, from this update on, every time you see a page appearing here on dA, there will be another one waiting for you on  :D

Previous page: Hive 53 - HCMF - Page 9
Next page:…

Read the whole comic here:

Copyright Stargate Atlantis / Wraith -> MGM Television
Copyright Hive 53 -> Me



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Digital media designer and freelance illustrator, sci-fi nerd since birth and obsessed with creating comics and cartoons.


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A general word on the usage of my artwork

You have my permission to display my artwork on other sites if you credit me as the original creator and link back to my dA profile (this page). You are not allowed to trace or re-upload my artwork on dA or anywhere else. You are not allowed to take my work and alter it or claim it as your own.

In general I'm very open-minded and seldom decline a request if you want to use my artwork for something, all you have to do is ask. I do however get annoyed at people who use my art without giving credit. So please, just ask -- I won't bite.


Misc dA stuff

:bulletblue: Every fav is a compliment - I won't whine if you don't leave a comment.
:bulletblue: Watchers should watch my Scraps, because I sometimes submit stuff there.
:bulletblue: Please don't get upset if I don't answer to your comment or fav; I can't reply to all of them but be assured that I read and appreciate every single one. :heart:
:bulletblue: I don't actively seek to get llamas but if you want to give me one that's fine - I'll give one back.
I've been around here for wait, what? Seven years already? Seven years of ups and downs – more ups though, fortunately. 

What got me interested in joining dA seven years ago was a google search on my fandom obsession at that time. While looking for information on the Kaleesh species from Star Wars, I stumbled upon some amazing artwork that made me realise for the first time that there are people out there who share my passion for fanart. (I'd been praticising fanart mostly for myself until then, as a quiet hobby, never to show anyone outside my family.)

 Not again by Kerneinheit Ancestor by Y-eskii-lass Midday Break by magrunemoon Kaleesh: When I grow up by Alija SW- Unfinished Grievous by wynahiros 

Wanting to make contact with this community, I joined and tentatively posted my first works here. Though I've been drawing fanart of various genres since early childhood, these were the first works I dared to present to the larger audience online:  

Mumuu by Draco-Stellaris Parisdee by Draco-Stellaris Ronderu lij Kummar by Draco-Stellaris  

The reception I received here was truly overwhelming. I never expected to get so much support! All you great people of dA have fueled my obsession and have driven me on to refine my skills and to keep going with whatever I was doing during these seven years, and for this support I want to thank you all – from my very first watchers to everybody who has added me over the time! But not only did I receive valuable input on how to get better at artsy stuff – even more important are the personal friendships that have developed and go far deeper than anything art or fandom-related.

Though I can't name them all, here are just some of the wonderful people I met here and some of them in real life. Please forgive me if I forgot someone. :heart:  

Of course there were also shadows. Where people of so many different cultures and languages meet, there are bound to be misunderstandings. I lost dear friends who were very close, lost them due to said misunderstandings as well as to real life circumstances. For a while, I even took a break from dA, but despite technical issues that won't let me use the site at times, I still return because dA is still an important part of my life. 

In short, dA has helped me in so many ways to grow as a person and an artist and for this I want to say Thank You and Happy Birthday, deviantART! Keep going for many years more! 

Below, have some dA love!

Arise by RalphHorsley Veneration to the Sun by Nambroth The Sock Dragon by LyntonLevengood Tiger Embrace by DolphyDolphiana point of view by akreon Forest Healer by Shadow-Wolf Where the heart is... by KateRodrigues Wraith by ekr1703 Chase by veprikov Lythronax by Olorotitan 

And have some fine tutorials and swatches as well! These have helped me out on several occasions: 

Lackadaisy Expressions by tracyjb Global Lighting Tutorial by Angelus-Tenebrae Skin Color Swatches by DeviantNep Gentle Glitter Tutorial by ZachDougGradient Tutorial by damie-m Random pencil drawing tutorial by mythori Tutorial: Species Design by JNetRocks My creative art process by griffsnuff

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